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  • Fun at the park

    Posted from: OK, USA Today was pleasantly warm, so we took Joanna to the neighborhood park before dinner. We had a good time, just another benefit of living where we do.

  • “A Christmas Carol” One of our favorite things about our life here in OK is our church family, specifically our Q Group. We had a great time tonight seeing our 12 year old friend play the role of Scrooge in ” A Christmas Carol” at the Children’s Theatre tonight.

  • Standing

    Posted from: OK, USA We took part in OC’s Trick or Treat Night tonight. For our first 5 years here I was responsible for two dorms of mostly college sophomores who participated in handing out candy to the children that came. It was always a crazy night – fun, but crazy. We usually had over…

  • Morning fun

    Posted from: OK, USA Download Video: Joanna’s new morning ritual is climbing in and out of her bouncy seat. She seems so proud once she’s in, and so excited once she’s out. Here’s a peek at her enjoyment.

  • Lunchtime fun

    Posted from: OK, USA Jessica had the day off for Fall Break, so she and Joanna trekked out to Long John Silver’s for lunch — where I happily joined them. Joanna got to taste greasy chicken and greasy fish, and seemed to enjoy both. We definitely won’t make this a habit for her, as we’re…