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  • Sweet sounds

    Download Video: When I asked if she wanted to swing, I got a resounding YES!  She sure enjoyed it.

  • Round 1: Sandman Posted from: OK, USAIt was well fought, but this round goes to the Sand Man. To her credit, Joanna signed “more” one last time as she fell asleep.

  • A new favorite Posted from: OK, USA Coloring is a new favorite for Joanna.  My original plan was to just try and use it to keep her entertained (and still) during church. But when she found her notebook this morning and kept signing “please” I just couldn’t resist. The high chair is helping het have…

  • Dancing Queen

    Posted from: OK, USA Download Video: I don’t know where she gets those dance moves, but they’re definitely better than my own.

  • A new ride Posted from: OK, USA Living closer to work and having an active toddler to keep up with inspired Morgan to get a bike. We found a great one today, with some help from the local bike shop. He rode it home from the store, already off to a great start!