Like Mother Like Daughter?


A little known fact: bell peppers are one of my favorite foods. My Grandma Rosie knew about my love for them and would quietly make sure that family gatherings included a veggie tray with them, even though not many other family members care for them. One of my aunts has continued that tradition and made sure that the times I’ve been expected at gatherings in recent years there are some peppers on the table.

A good friend here in Edmond knows about my fondness for them and had some available at our potluck on Monday night. They were yummy! And, to my delight, there were some left over. She let me know that I was welcome to take home the extras at the end of the night; we left early due to J’s bedtime so I didn’t remember to take them with me, but my friend delivered them to my house last night. What a blessing! 

So, we decided to see what Joanna thought about them and let her “gnaw” on one of each as I held her and the pepper. It seemed she liked them too, as you can see in her smiley face above. We think she preferred the red, but liked the green as well. Once we finished, she did her best to grab the bag of them and try to figure out how to get some out.

We have 3 pepper plants in our garden, I’m sure hoping they produce an abundant crop this year that we can enjoy and share with friends (and with Joanna!).