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  • Prinzhotel, Rothenburg

    Prinzhotel, Rothenburg
  • Hotel Opera, Prague

  • Morning offerings

    Every morning our daughter brings gifts of dolls and stuffed animals to our bedroom. Tonight I found Mousey and Tiny patiently waiting for us to come to bed, apparently missed in this morning’s sweep. Posted from WordPress for Android

  • Thankful for the zoo pass

    In spite of my encouragement to sleep till at least 8, J woke up early as usual today. So I checked the weather and saw that it was supposed to be in the 70s till after noon. It was a bit cloudy outside so it seemed perfect for a zoo day. When asked what animal […]

  • I thought it was too quiet

    After eating some chicken minis from our favorite fast food place (Chick-fil-A), J went back to the kitchen and stayed pretty quiet. I asked: “what are you doing?” She replied: “just sitting here”. I went in a few minutes later to see a very strange look on her face. She had just tasted a handful […]