It’s shot day!


Today’s follow-up visit with Dr. C brought good news: Joanna’s ear infections are gone! That was good news, but that also meant that she got to finally have her 6-month shots. I’ve added the before, during, and after pics.

Shots are a bit troublesome for all of us, but it shook Jessica up pretty good and Joanna didn’t like it very much, either. I was brave and got to hold Joanna’s hands while the nurse STABBED MY BABY RIGHT THROUGH HER THIGHS WITH HUMONGOUS NEEDLES AS SHE CRIED AND SHE SCREAMED RIGHT IN MY EARS WHILE SHE WRITHED IN ANGONY OH PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!…
Okay, maybe it affected me a bit, too.

P.S. We actually like Dr. Crittendon and his staff. Ashley does a good job with J. Dr. C wimps out and makes her be the “bad guy” when it comes to shots.