Easter traditions


We have certain things we do around holidays that have become family traditions: unhealthy but sooooo yummy snacks for Easter, dad’s chili at Thanksgiving, fudge during the winter, almonds and oranges in the stockings at Christmas, that sort of thing.

We got our Easter package from my folks yesterday, and once again they did not disappoint! The Peeps are one of my favorites, Jessica likes the Snickers eggs (now there’s a bunny!), and we both enjoy the creme eggs. Good stuff.

Joanna even got in on the action and tried to grab it all out of my hands when I opened the package. Even if I’m tempted to let her lick the inside of the Cadbury eggs, she’s just not ready. Instead, she got some bibs. With the amount of drool flowing from her, those are much needed! She also got two cool squeezy/grabby things – and elephant and a giraffe. Since she has a tendency to grab everything in her reach and slam it into her face as she’s aiming for her mouth, those are bound to be in heavy rotation.

I like family traditions.