First flight


Thursday, December 1st was Joanna’s first flight. We flew to Indy to be with my family after my cousin Zac passed away. We left OKC at 1:25, changed planes at DFW and arrived in Indy at 7:10. Joanna did great!

Before leaving OKC she was screaming, but after som tummy drops she calmed down and hardly made a peep the rest of the way.

Morgan did a great job helping her get through take-off and landing. He encouraged her to suck on her pacifier and massaged behind her ears. She didn’t seem affected by the pressure changes at all.

I even got to change her in the plane bathroom, the fold down table worked just fine. Being short I can actually stand in there without ducking so that was helpful.

She sure attracts attention in the airport! Even if she’s not making a sound people see her and comment how cute she is or how much they like her red hair. It’s pretty cool.

Hopefully the return flights Sunday will go just as well.