We procrastinated on buying a shovel until a few hours before the storm hit. When Morgan got to Home Depot they were out.

So, now that the snow has stopped and we want to clear the drive in case we have to go to work tomorrow we have a bit of a problem.

We have a neighbor who goes to church with us. The only time we’ve called them prior to today was when we brought home a dresser we needed help unloading. The husband came right over and helped.

So, today when we needed a shovel we made our 2nd call to this family. He once again graciously agreed to help, even leaving a friend’s house around the corner to bring us the shovel.

A few minutes later I heard scraping outside – he got here and just started right in clearing the driveway!

Morgan quickly joined him.


About an hour later we had a nice, snow-free driveway.

What a blessing to live so near our church family!