Lighting for the laundry room!

Our laundry room is between the garage and kitchen. It’s not much wider than a washing machine, but the light switch is on the wall just inside the garage. This means that when I go to do laundry I can’t hit the light switch with my arms full of clothes.

So, Morgan fixed it for me! (he’s really good at that).

Here is the original switch (that was on the “wrong” side of the room when I’m trying to do laundry.


And, here is the new motion detector switch! It doesn’t matter that it’s on the far side of the room because it turns on automatically when I walk toward it. So cool!


Not only is it great when I’m doing laundry, but I’m looking forward to it lighting my way once I start parking in the garage.

It’s amazing what a good difference a $20 part and a handy husband can make!