Naming the blog

For a while now we’ve thought about sharing a blog…with family living in other states it seemed like it could be a good way to keep in touch with them as well as a fun project for the two of us.

Morgan started one for us years ago (he can't hardly resist new technology) but neither of us really posted much. So, it seemed worth giving a new shot and posterous seemed like a nice, easy to share service. Once we decided to do it we had to answer a question – what do we call it?

"Home for Now" became the winner! There were a variety of factors, one big one could be that we bought our first house and were in the process of cleaning, repairing, and painting it to get it ready for us to live in. But, even more than that the idea of "home" was an intriguing one.

When I was a student at Pepperdine and we went somewhere for a service project people would often ask "where's your home" or, "where are you from". That was a tricky question for me – I grew up in Indianapolis, and basically considered that home, but at that time I was also living on campus and considering that home. It was not a short answer during those years.

When my Grandma Rita was still living and I lived in California and Oklahoma every time we spoke she asked me when I'd be coming home – since she lived in Indy and I grew up there, she called that "home" when we talked. Each summer when Morgan and I have done Let's Start Talking projects we've called the place we stayed home – whether it was a church building, empty apartment, family's house, or a hotel room. At the end of a long work day one of us would often say "let's go home" and we meant the place we were staying in that country – not the home in the States where the rest of our stuff was. There's an old hymn with lyrics this world is not my home, I'm just a passing through" that expresses the idea that our ultimate home is in heaven.

So, for lots of reasons, Edmond is "home for now" and that seemed like an appropriate name for our blog. We hope you enjoy keeping up with us through this.