I love my life!

It’s true, I love my life! While there are plenty of things that aren’t fun, or are even hard to deal with, overall I’ve got it great! The most recent experience that makes me say yes! has to do with arranging a place to stay when Morgan and I go to California for a couple of vacation days before a seminar next month.

One of my college friends sent me a facebook message awhile back to let me know that she had some yarn she wanted to donate to Threads of Compassion OKC. In writing back and forth about that we decided it would be fun to try to see each other when we’re out there next month. She offered for us to stay at her house, but already has company, so it wouldn’t really work very well for us to crash there too.

Yesterday she let me know that she has a friend who has moved out of their apartment and doesn’t have to turn in the keys until the end of the month so if it’s not already spoken for, we can stay in their empty apartment while we’re in town. How cool!

I think the last time I saw this friend was in April of 2003 when we ran into each other at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. We don’t even email very often, but she’s putting her creative juices to work to find a way not only to see us when we’re in Southern CA, but also to help us save a night’s hotel cost. It’s just great, I love to see the amazing variety of ways that God always provides!